Wizardry demonstrated

Nearly lost in the mists of time was the Obscure Council of Lesser Green Wizards. 

Less powerful than the Gray Wizards and less respected than the Brown Wizards, the small band nonetheless managed to make its way out of the murky drizzle and find a place that was not so damp and boggy. There they settled. 

Studying obscure secret texts more ancient than themselves, the Lesser Green Wizards developed spells and enchantments most suitably applied to parlor tricks and petty pranks. Among their greatest accomplishments were the unexpected appearance of small domestic animals, the E-Z illusion of the ball and vase, bombs of stink, and imitation dung. This won them friends, made them the life of social frolics, and elevated their status among unwed females.

Ezekiel the Green is a magician of the Obscure Council of Lesser Green Wizards. Consequently he does not have tenure at any of the accredited wizarding academies. Thus he is a traveling teacher, passing down magical knowledge and demonstrating mysterious arts for fun and, if he be lucky, profit.